UNIQUELY QUALIFIED: We are not a "big box" retailer. We are a small family owned business dedicated to providing you with a great system, expertly designed and installed, and at a great price.

We provide  you with a unique service blending design, performance, and ease of use into a customized home theater system that will fit your individualized needs. By combining your vision with our technical know how, we will make the          complex world of home electronics easy for you to operate and enjoy.
THEATER GALLERY - Click image to enlarge

Picture with the screen retracted.
Picture with the screen lowered.
In this multi-purpose media room the screen automatically drops to cover the windows, allowing for the perfect blend of design and video entertainment.
Great audio and video performance, easy to use, and a lot of fun.
Taking an ordinary room and turning it into a jumbo jetliner theater requires immense fabrication skills. Using steel, aluminum, wood, and fabrics we fitted and then reupholstered these original parts.
We used original aircraft parts and then fabricated the additional parts needed to complete the appearence of a real  aircraft interior. Notice the rounded ceiling panels we fabricated.
Using the first class seating from a DC10 we reupholstered the seating and fabricated the  platform that includes rear subwoofers. The rear seat rolls on a track to the center of the room for unobstructed viewing.
We incorporated lighting and  an automated lighting control system to complete the aircraft appearance.
On each side of the screen we  located all of the components for the theater. The doors slide open to acess the DVD player and other electronics. All of the speakers are concealed by the fabric we used on the front and rear trim panels.
We added the flat panel TV and the speaker system to this existing home. Notice that we fabricated and installed a custom center channel speaker into the mantle, covered in a matching grill cloth.